Custom Food Manufacturers and Fillers

We do much, much more than just  food brokerage.  We have become “CUSTOM FOOD MANUFACTURES & FILLERS”   We now make products to suit our clients’ needs.
An airline wants to have a 90g bias cut piece of Atlantic salmon to put into the small plates for J-Class in the front of the plane?  We source the salmon from our own plants in Chile and ship up container loads here.
A grocery chain wants to offer an Oriental Salmon dinner and needs a 70g piece of salmon for their microwaveable meal?  Similar solution!  We source the salmon from our own farms in Puerto Montt and have the product cut to our specifications in our plant and ship it up to their cooking facilities.
A restaurant chain wants to have a 7” x7” pre-grilled Golden Panini for their exclusive sandwich program?  We design the look of the product, make the specs and find the plant and have it made to our customers’ satisfaction!
We always keep the client happy and we always own the product.